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Indian Progressive Society (IPS)

Indian Progressive society (IPS) is a NGO (Reg. No. 196/2007-2008) registered under societies act XXI of 1860 by Government of Uttarakhand.

The IPS, an acronym for Indian Progressive Society, non-profit, non-government organization came in to being in the year 2008 as the inspiration of some enthusiastic individuals who provoked for the voluntarism for the development of deprived, marginalized and weaker section of society.

It has been working relentlessly for the last 5 years in the field of socio-economic upliftment of the poor and backward people for all caste and class of the society.

Our Vision
Our vision is to contribute in the progress of our country so that we can make a Young, Peaceful, Prosperous, Powerful, Corruption Free and Developed India through Co-operation and Contribution of like-minded people.

Our Dream
1. We dream that the citizens of India should be honest, commited and patriotic.
2. The rights of every human being should be respected in all parts of India :
     Love , Peace , Justice ,Tolerance and Harmony should reign in the midst of differences.
3. Barriers of Caste , Faiths , Ideologies should be broken down.
4. Every Indian should get fair Education and Healthcare.

Finally, we all should look forward to what we can do for the Nation and not what the Nation can do for us.

Our Mission
To make citizens of India Patriotic & more sensitive towards the issues like Poverty, Corruption, Environment & National Integration.

1. To help children from poor and backward class in their educational, health and intellectual

2. To create awareness in the society to remove different socio-economic imbalances
    prevailing in the society.
3. Solving problems of different social groups by mutual cooperation.
4. Public awareness programmes for the conservation of environment.
5. To include poor, orphans and handicapped children in the main stream.

Our Strategies
1. To Identify and add the Experts/Resource persons of various fields, who will co-operate,
    contribute and add values in the life of people by giving their Time / Advice / Money /
2. To create a Younger, Patriotic and Skilled workforce who will form the backbone of a
    Developed Nation.
3. To Reach and Teach every poor children of India.
4. To help and support Govt. of India and its various agencies for the successful
     implementation of its schemes / plans and by ensuring the proper utilization of its
5. To ensure active participation of every Indian in Progress Process / Cycle by allotting
    different roles and responsibilities to every Hand.
6. To manage a regular, targeted & large-scale co-operation, value addition by the
    Citizens of India for the Citizens of India.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda who once said :
" Let us all work hard, my brothers; there is no time to sleep.
On our work depends the coming of INDIA of the future.
She is there ready waiting. She is only sleeping.
Arise and awake and see her seated here on her eternal throne,
rejuvenated, more glorious than
she ever was - this motherland of ours."

Stop Ignoring...Get Informed...Make Your Way...&...Fight for Your Rights !

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Support Us :
What do we expect from You ?
1. Your opinions and suggestions.
2. A little valuable support from you in executing these opinions and suggestions.
3. A bit of your valuable time ( 1 hour only )
    Once in a week
    Once in 15 days
    Once in a month
    According to your convenience.

Most of us wish to do something for the society but we fail to understand what we should do for the society and how ?

In this quandary we tend to waste our time, and just fail to do anything. But when we join hands together and move ahead as a group, we will be able to get your guidance and may be you ours.

Note : You can even help us without contributing through your physical, materialistic

If you really agree to our views end really wish to do something for the nation and the society. You should contact us or just send us an SMS or an e-mail with your name and mobile number. We will ourselves contact you.

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Address : Current Office
Indian Progressive Society (IPS),
c/o Rahi Guest House, Near Sagar Hotel, Civil Lines, Roorkee- 247667

Address : Main Office
Indian Progressive Society (IPS),
Ramnagar, Roorkee, District-Haridwar (Uttarakhand), India - 247667

Contact No. : +91-9690386700  or  +91-8057663095

Our Email IDs :

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Official PPT on RTI & IPS

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